About us

Presidential Posters is inspired by humor, and the joy of providing fun, upbeat and original posterised artwork of many of the United States of America's most important Presidents or Presidential contenders. We all have an Uncle, Cousin, Dad, Daughter or Mom who wants to show their support in a unique and fun way. Whether its today's news or looking back on America's finest years we have combined crystal ball gazing with historically themed maps, similar to those seen by many generations of students.

At Presidential Posters we take a non-partisan view and all Presidents are treated with the same ir(reverence). Ours is not to offend.

We are based out of Portland, Oregon and Melbourne, Australia. We are a group of artists with a quirky outlook bringing a limited number of original artworks to life. Wall posters are is our main creative product. We are looking to add new products to our store so check back often.